How to authenticate subdomain in Dynamics Marketing

Posted on 2020-02-16,1 min read

Usually we'll authenticate our domain in Dynamics 365 for marketing application to send marketing emails .
But we might need to send marketing emails by subdomain to keep our root domain reputation, this article will shows how to authenticate a subdomain in marketing settings.

Add subdomain

For example: email.rootdomain

Overview of ownership authentication key and email authentication keys for DKIM

In lower section, value field is;
while in authentication for root domain, the field will be:
We need to pay attention to Host field, which may confuse us because it's still namekey1._domainkey. Due to we want to authenticate subdomain, so the real value should be when we add the record in DNS settings.

Our own domain DNS settings

UI would be different for different domain providers, but points are same.

  1. Add a TXT record for subdomain.
  2. Add correct CNAME records for subdomain


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